SCR new Trains through Vijayawada


The new trains are

  1. 22705/22706 Tirupati-Jammu-tawi-Tirupati Humsafar express (weekly)
  2. 22701/22702 Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam Uday express (five days a week).

New Trains Passes through Vijayawada

Seven pairs of New Trains have been placed in the new time table of EcoR and the introduction of new trains will be notified in due course.

  1. 22833/22834 Bhubaneswar-Krishnarajpuram (Bangalore)-Bhubaneswar Weekly Humsafar Express,
  2. 22887/22888 Howrah-Yesvantpur-Howrah Weekly Humsafar Express,
  3. 12504/12503 Kamakhya-Bangalore Cant.-Kamakhya Weekly Humsafar Express,
  4. 22841/22842 Santragachhi-Chennai-Santragachhi Weekly Antyodaya Express,
  5. 22877/22878 Howrah-Ernakulam-Howrah Antyodaya Express,
  6. 22837/22838 Hatia-Ernakulam-Hatia Super Fast Express via Jharsuguda-Visakhapatnam
  7.  19424/19423 Ahmadabad – Chennai Central – Ahmadabad Humsafar Express

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